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HOW TO register for an in-class training course is the place to go to register for in-person classes that you plan on attending. Here, we'll cover the steps to find and register for a class.

  1. Login to
  2. Click My Courses
  3. Locate the 'Instructor Led Courses' folder and click the Open button to it's right.
  4. Locate the 'Coach Instructor Led Courses' folder and click the Open button to it's right.
  5. Locate the class you wish to attend (for example: 10U Field Session Only). Click on the Sessions button to it's right.
  6. You will be presented with a list of available classes, sorted in date order. Usually you will be looking for a local class in 1/C/0002 Arcadia but you can register for any class you choose. Near or far.
  7. Click on the class title to expand the details section and expose some more specific information about the class. For example the address, the prerequisites and what equipment to bring.
  8. Click the Register button to the right of the session you wish to attend. The Register button will disappear and be replaced with a label indicating that you are registered for the class.
  9. If you need to un-register for a class, click the white space to the left of where it says Registered. That will expand the class details and expose an Unregister button.
All you need to do now is show up for the class and learn something cool and new. When the class is over, your instructor will ensure that you receive credit for your attendance and the certificate will appear on your volunteer record.

Common Issues

  • Can't start Concussion class due to an 'Email ID' error
    • You're likely using Safari on iOS or Mac. Enable cookies
    • On iPad: Settings/Cookies and Website Data then select 'Always Allow'
    • On Mac: Preferences/Cookies and Website Data then select 'Always Allow'
  • Can't login to Error says 'Username or Password invalid'
    • Try to login at (ie. the website you are at right now) with the same credentials. If that fails, reset your password (or have a reminder of your username sent) by clicking on the reset links on the login page at
    • If you can login to but can't login to then you have bigger problems. Read on...
    • Make sure you have completed a volunteer form. You must have volunteered for at least one role before you will be given access to
    • If you have already completed a volunteer form then it is likely that the act of completing that form did not trigger your access to aysou (which should have happened automatically). So we need to tickle the backend a little. These next few steps will do the necessary tickling. It will take around 10mins.
      • Complete a volunteer form for another role (Team Parent is always a good one). The fields will be auto-filled in for you based on your first volunteer application. It's a quick process.
      • Delete your original volunteer application.
      • Complete a volunteer form for your original role (ex Head Coach, Referee). The fields will be auto-filled in for you based on your Team Parent application. Again, a quick process. Make sure you fully complete the form, all the way to the e-signing part at the end.
      • Delete your (temporary) Team Parent application.
    • Login to via
      • Go to and login
      • Click 'Home' in the sidebar (on mobile devices you need to swipe the bar out from the left to expose the Home link)
      • Click 'AYSOU' (on mobile devices you need to swipe out from the right to find the AYSOU link)
      • You might automatically be logged into If not, click the Login button top right. You should be automatically authenticated into
  • Can't access Error says you have successfully logged in but do not have access to the learning portal.
    • Try logging in with your username rather than your email address - email [email protected] if you don't know your username.
    • Your account is likely linked to another account. The solution is being researched. Until I can post something definitive here please email me at [email protected] and I'll dig around a little and see if we can fix you up.

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