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Upcoming Excitement

Upcoming Coach Training in Region 2

No local coach training is scheduled at this time. Please find courses in other regions by visiting
Questions? Email [email protected]

HOW TO register for an in-person training course is the place to go to register for in-person classes that you plan on attending. Here, we'll cover the steps to find and register for a class.

  1. Login to
  2. Click In-Person Courses
  3. Locate the 'Coach Instructor Led Courses' folder and click the Open button to it's right.
  4. Locate the class you wish to attend (for example: 10U Field Session Only). Click on the Sessions button to it's right.
  5. You will be presented with a list of available classes, sorted in date order. Usually you will be looking for a local class in 1/C/0002 Arcadia but you can register for any class you choose. Near or far.
  6. Click on the class title to expand the details section and expose some more specific information about the class. For example the address, the prerequisites and what equipment to bring.
  7. Click the Register button to the right of the session you wish to attend. The Register button will disappear and be replaced with a label indicating that you are registered for the class.
  8. If you need to un-register for a class, click the white space to the left of where it says Registered. That will expand the class details and expose an Unregister button.
All you need to do now is show up for the class and learn something cool and new. When the class is over, your instructor will ensure that you receive credit for your attendance and the certificate will appear on your volunteer record.

Guidance For Online Courses is the place you will complete your online training courses.

  • Login with the same username and password you use to login to
  • Click Online Courses.
  • Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness and online Coach Training all appear in the list.
  • Select the course you wish to complete and then... well, complete it. :-)

To view the courses you have completed, click Certifications. Then click Click Here To View Your Certifications History.

Any problems or other questions, please email the Coach Administrator at [email protected]

Age Appropriate Coach Training

Coaches and Assistant Coaches in every division within Region 2 are required to have AYSO’s age-appropriate training before they take to the field and lead their team.

Just because you can Cruyff turn doesn't mean your 8 year old players should be learning that too! The age-appropriate training we provide will help ensure you conduct practice sessions in a manner which is just that... age appropriate. Become proficient in delivering an effective learning experience for the players under your guard and understand how to maximize their potential for the duration of the season.

Here are the necessary Coach Certifications that you must earn if you are to coach in Region 2.

DivisionRequired Coach Certificate
19UAdvanced Coach
16UAdvanced Coach
14UIntermediate Coach
12U12U Coach
10U10U Coach
8U8U Coach
7U8U Coach
6U6U Coach

These classes are held periodically in, or local to, Region 2. You can register for classes at The AYSO University
Locally run classes will be publicized on this website.

In addition to the Age Appropriate Certifications, every volunteer must complete the Concussion Awareness and Safe Haven online classes available at The AYSO University

Questions? Ask the Coach Administrator. [email protected]

Did you know?

You can start your coaching career at any division up to, and including, 12U. To coach in older divisions you must meet certain prerequisites.
  • To earn your Intermediate (14U) Coach certificate you must be 12U certified and have coached in 12U for at least one season.
  • To earn your Advanced (16U & 19U) Coach certificate you must be Intermediate certified and have coached in 14U for at least one season.
This is an AYSO National Rule and there is no way to circumvent these requirements for the older divisions.

So... plan ahead. If you have a little bit of an itch but decide to hold off "until they're a little bit older" - don't. You might just miss the boat.

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